What matters most to you?

If you were unable to speak for yourself, what's the one thing you would want your Loved Ones and Doctor to know?

Decisions about how you live and are medically cared for are deeply personal, and should be based on your values and beliefs.


Our Mission

Facilitate conversation to help individuals create Advance Care Plans, so all become informed decision makers

in order to access proper quality holistic care while supporting their families and caregivers

to honor their wishes throughout their adult life until natural death. 

Our Purpose

To educate and offer services on advance care planning for adult ages 18+ and end-of-life conversations 

with both health care providers and the broader community within San Joaquin County.


Our Vision

Enhance the quality of life, and promote the dignity of each person while supporting individual values and preferences regardless of age, language, culture, religion, and health status.   

Our Core Values

Integrity, Accountability, Respect 

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

53% would be relieved if a loved one started the conversation.



how to start 




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about Advance Care Planning

 Here's information to help you in the process of defining an Advance Care Directive for yourself or a loved one.


Click to find out when and where we'll be talking about Advance Care Planning in your Community.

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