Choose the

Advance Care Plan

that is best for you.

From Basic to Comprehensive.  Here are plans for you to review and choose from depending on your needs.  

                                            Letter Project

Use the Letter Project form to complete your Advance Directives in Minutes!

Every adult should complete advance directives..... and most would, if they could! Sadly, many take one look at the advance directive form and give up after the first two minutes of trying to decipher the medico-legal jargon. At least, that is what we have found in our extensive research interviews with numerous multi-ethnic, multi-lingual patients and families from diverse backgrounds. In fact, no one is immune to the medico-legalese rampant in the advance directive form. 

Explore, document and share all your health, legal, funeral and legacy decisions in an end-of-life plan. Make it easier for family in the future.  Cake offers a very comprehensive and complete program.

Advance Health Care Directive Forms:

          • The Coalition for Compassionate Care offers a selection of forms. Visit and click on Advance Care Planning.   

          • The California Hospital Association Consent Manual contains a copy of a suggested form in both English and Spanish.                          Manuals can be ordered by calling (800) 494-2001 or visit

          • The California Medical Association has an Advance Health Care Directive Kit available in English or Spanish for $5.

            To order, call CMA Publications at (800) 882-1CMA or visit

          • Caring Connections has state-specific forms that can be downloaded at