The San Joaquin Coalition for Compassionate Care (SJCCC) is a coalition of healthcare professionals, business & private organizations, and individuals committed to supporting the mission to educate all people of San Joaquin County in the implementation and use of Advance Care Planning and Directives.   In San Joaquin County’s multi-cultural and multi-faith population, how we are cared for in all the seasons of our lives and how we have access to readily available information regarding Advance Care Planning is critical.  The SJCCC is governed by members of the funding board, and the SJCCC Advisory Committee participants lend their expertise and feedback to effectively guide the scope of work to meet program goals. Affiliation and membership with the SJCCC is open to all healthcare professionals and members of the community. 


Contact us at 209-444-5908 or 209-396-6945 and to support and come alongside the Coalition in this important work.



SJCCC is funded and operated by:






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